The story of bottled water!

This video is courtesy of Story of and assumes special significance in the wake of major companies like TATA and Bisleri rolling out new campaigns to attract consumers to their new products. Of course, we have nothing against these companies, its is just about saying ‘NO’ to things we just do not need.




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3 responses to “The story of bottled water!

  1. Yes we truley believe what you say but the biggest issue in India is to trust tap water like in home we use water filters and not bottled water so at many public places like airport people do trust tap water not any other places. If I go to USA I will just drink from tap but not in India. This is good campaign as far as sustainability is concerned but solution is also diificult but not impossible. Let us support it. Well done!

    • Dear Kirankumar,

      Thank you for your comment. While it might be difficult to trust tap water in all places in India, evident in the sales of water purifiers and supply of bottled water to homes, the government is doing its every bit to supply potable water to everybody. You can be sure of drinking water from the tap, especially in cities, where most bottled water is sold.

      Recent ad campaigns are aimed largely at convincing users to buy their ‘own’ bottle of packed drinking water, a trend that is likely to pick up. Through this video, that we shared, we are just aiming to share the ‘untold-story’ behind your ‘personal’ bottle of water.

      And one can always exercise the option of carrying a bottle from home, like we have always done in the past.

      Please do share this story with your family and friends.

      Thank you,
      Coffee Table Science

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